Ohrid (Lycnidos)

Ohrid (Lycnidos)

Start of the tour at 09:30 a.m. from the town square. You will already see the splendor of Ohrid and the story behind it can begin to unfold.
Walking the narrow cobblestone paths we will approach, “Dolna porta” (“Lower Gate), one of the entrances to the old town, and part of the fortress of king Samoil. You will see the white washed houses, which are trademark of the city and representative of Ohrid architecture. More so, you will see one more destinctive mark of Ohrid – its churches.
The saying goes that there are 365 churches, for each day of the year, one church. Which is not far from the truth, because we will see two medieval churches – St. Nikola and St. Bogorodica (Mother Marry of God) at the entrance of the old tow.

Cobblestone streets and churches will surely take you back in time. Our next stop “House of Robevci” will take you bit forward from medieval period, to the end of the XIX century or to the times of Macedonian Revival.
The house is one of the best examples of Ohrid architecture. It used to be the home of famous merchant family from Ohrid, today it is Museum of Ohrid and behind its doors are kept the treasures from the city’s glorious past.
That what makes Ohrid so special, centuries live side by side.

Next stop will be cathedral church of “St. Sofia” reveling its unfading splendor for X centuries. Beside its magnificent architecture, inside one can see masterpiece of early style Byzantium fresco paining.
Continuing our tour, walking up the hill.
As we approach one of the oldest monuments in Ohrid, the amphitheater from the I century B.C. the view will reveal the blue Ohrid lake bellow us. Now one can not say which scene is more magnificent, that of the blue lake or the theater on which many cultures have presented its believes, through plays, music and even gladiator fights. Maybe both are just part of one magnicent scene, nature and people leaving in harmony.
Our tour continues to see the next jewel from the treasury of Ohrid. Medieval church “St. Bogorodica Perivlepta” build in 1295 by Progon Zgur. Capturing your attention with its poly-chrome and symmetrical facade. Fresco paining inside are from the same period, painted by best fresco painters in the Balkans in that time – Mihajlo and Eftihij. And the view of the lake will follow us to the end of the tour. Well, Ohrid and the Ohrid can not be imagined one without the other.
Searching through the treasury of Ohrid we will find the crown – the Samil’s fortress, stands on top of the hill like a real crown of the city. Build in the X century (some suggest it might be build by father of Alexander the Great , Filip) by most famous king of Ohrid – Car Samoil. The fortress remind us of the glorious time of his vast kingdom. Our guide with his story will revive, the palaces, temples, the King and his soldiers before your eyes.
Do we search for more? Is there are more? Yes, there is more!
The next gem from the treasury is the book written with golden letters. It is heritage from two men that left everlasting mark on the life of the city, St. Kliment and St. Naum, creators of the Cyrillic alphabet, alphabet used today by more than 250 millions of people. We will visit the place where they had fist Balkan and European university in X century. At the same place as you already have witnessed many times coexisting side by side, monuments from different periods, you will see ancient forum, two early Christian basilicas with its renewed mosaics, Turksih turbe and the masterpiece of the present day builders – church of St. Pantelejmon.

If too much beauty makes you dizzy, than bit rest will be perfect will be the right choice. We have a short rest by the church of St. Jovan Kaneo, from XIII century, our last stop for the tour. Enjoy the divine view of Ohrid and Ohrid lake.

End of the tour.

Time of the tour: Half-day excursion – 9:30-12:30
Price per person: from 5 eur per person (based on a group of 10 passengers)
Price includes: services of professional tour guide
Entrance fees: payable at the spot