Hiking tour “Velestovo – peak Elen Vrv – Gorno Kojnsko” (medium) (mountain Galichica, Ohrid)

Hiking tour “Velestovo – peak Elen Vrv – Gorno Kojnsko” (medium) (mountain Galichica, Ohrid)

Time of departure from Ohrid :9:30 a.m. We begin the hiking tour from the small ancient village of Velestovo (1246 m above sea level, 5 km south of Ohrid), with a spectacular view from the high to the lake. We reach peak Elen Vrv (1209 m above sea level), from where a magnificent panoramic view of our beautiful Ohrid is revealed. Perfect place for stunning pictures. We continue to the village of Gorno Konsko (1154 m.), from where we depart back.

Time of the tour: Half-day excursion – 3 hours
Difficulty: medium, 8 km one way
Suitable for people interested in: hiking, nature, photography, adventure
Prices per person:
1 or 2 passengers: 54 eur per person
3 passengers: 39 eur per person
4 passengers : 30 eur per person
5 passengers : 25 eur per person
6 passengers : 22 eur per person
7 passengers : 19 eur per person
Price includes: Professional mountain guide who has vast knowledge of the area, lunch packet, transport from Ohrid to the starting point of hiking and back.