MONASTERY ST. NAUM TOUR (cultural tour)

MONASTERY ST. NAUM TOUR (cultural tour) Departure to St. Naum in the morning. The trip will be by bus or boat depending on weather conditions and the interest of the guests. We will visit the ‘bay of bones’ Neolithic on water settlement and chance to have illustrative returning in a life 1200 years BC. The … More MONASTERY ST. NAUM TOUR (cultural tour)

Ohrid (Lycnidos)

Ohrid (Lycnidos) Start of the tour at 09:30 a.m. from the town square. You will already see the splendor of Ohrid and the story behind it can begin to unfold. Walking the narrow cobblestone paths we will approach, “Dolna porta” (“Lower Gate), one of the entrances to the old town, and part of the fortress … More Ohrid (Lycnidos)

Biking tour to Mars (hard)

Biking tour to Mars (hard) (Ohrid-villages Velestovo, Krstec, Asan Djura – above Prespa Lake – Ohrid) Departure time: 9:30 am Cycling 5 km along an asphalt road up to the village of Velestovo, which overlooks Ohrid and the lake. Entering Galichitsa and riding along a narrow mountain road passing through climbing, lowlands and meadows, in … More Biking tour to Mars (hard)